Pod Cast Series

Lehman Sisters

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This quote by Christine Lagarde, Minister of Finance in France in 2010, indicates a central point for this pod cast series: power relations in society, feminist economies and linking it all back to Grass-Root Women Movement in the anti-feudale society before transition to capitalism:

“Women’s “struggles against feudal power produced the first organized attempt to challenge dominant sexual norms and establish more egalitarian relations between men and women […] Combined with the refusal of bonded labor  and commercial relations, these conscious forms of social transgression constructed a powerful alternative – not only to feudalism but to the capitalist order by which feudalism was replaced, demonstrating that another world was possible, and urging us to question why it was not realized?”

(“Caliban and the Witch”, 2004, Silvia Federici)

Federici’s description of the resistance to capitalism in the Middle Age, is an important historical factor that can shed light on today’s capitalist (social) order.

In addition “The Wealth of Nations” (1776) by Adam Smith forms a …..

…hidden economies….

feminist geographers J.K. Gibson-Graham…