Trade Test Site is a non-profit artistic project focuses on cultural initiatives and responses to current economic structures, such as hidden economies and labour.

By exploring collaborative economic models through research, workshops,  seminars, collaborative camps and performances Trade Test Site seeks to raise a discussion about possible future economic models and forms. This includes new modes of engagement and employment, and how to cultivate support system for hidden economies.

Trade Test Site strives to develop critical views towards global economic contemporary issues by collaborating with local communities, international artists as well as disciplines such as economics, social sciences, crafts and politics.

Trade Test Site focusses on critical, creative, and alternative responses to economic issues via a comprehensive public program aspiring to share knowledge and critical thinking. The program is presented through various formats such as exhibitions, workshops, discussions, film screenings and more.

In addition to the public program, Trade Test Site launches a series of publications in Danish and English with a mix of republished earlier texts and newly commissioned essays. These publications will focus on the work of different critical thinkers and their thoughts on different aspects of the subject of economy.

In 2016, we established “School for Hidden Economies and Home Production”; a public learning site for developing economic sustainable systems for production and circulation of home made food and beverage. It builds upon Trade Test Sites’ aim to expand the understanding of value with specific emphasis on hidden economies such as care work, servicing, sharing, house work and more.

The project “Exchange Library” is an attempt to develop a new type of none-profit business model. This includes new types of engagement and employment; new ways of organising a business; expand common understandings of ownership; how to trade and develop new modes of production. To facilitate this Trade Test Site operate as an open space for discussion, sharing of knowledge and collaborations between different communities.

The project is initiated and run by Lise Skou, Adria Florea and Claudine Zia with support from Bonnie Fortune.


Seminars, workshops, projects and events